A solid plan for your membership campaign can be a critical component to the health of any membership organization

Select your target

Internal or External focus

Decide whether the campaign is focused on existing members, or nonmembers.  If they are outside, you can import the contact information into Horizon's prospecting tables via an excel spreadsheet.

Plan the marketing strategy

Emails, Phonecalls, post cards, Invites.

Any campaign, whether a membership drive or a big event needs a combination of touches to attract people.  Plan your telephone scripts, email templates, letters and followups one time then map the strategy out in Horizon.  That way every propect touch will be consistent, regardless of who delivers it.

Assign staff

Assign Staff and managers

With the strategy complete, you can assign staff a block of prospects to manage.  Once they start, Horizon will remind them each day of their next step for each of their assigned prospects.  

Monitor and report

powerful reporting so you can see exactly how your campaign is doing

As a Team leader, you can see the ongoing results of each staff member's work: .number of calls, emails, letters, how many terminate in a sale, etc.  

Introduction to Campaign management

Structure your prospecting of new members and enjoy greater results.

Emailing multiple prospects

How to set up a campaign with a mail blast as part of the process.